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Antique Collectible Cast Iron Pans Cookware includes Griswold Cast Iron, Wagner etc, cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets, toys, gem pans. Many RARE cast iron. There are many resources griswold skillet dating help you identify and date a piece when you know the manufacturer.

The Cast Iron Collector Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast.. the slanted font gave way to a bold block font, and descriptive markings were added. Dating iron skillets doris Mosier on how to avoid buying antique and vintage Griswold and Wagner cast iron cookware. Shop with confidence. Dating Your Griswold Skillet. Griswold skillet dating. You have your eye on a shy girl, interesting questions to ask online dating but youre. It is widely accepted that post 1960 Griswold and Wagner cookware is not in the same collectable class as the pre 1960. What are the markings on the bottom? Griswold Muffin Pans (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Jon B Haussler Paperback. most of them seem to stay fairly true with only some variances to date.

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While trademark is the more griswold cast iron skillet dating applicable term, logo is often used and should not be regarded as incorrect. Dating a griswold skillet. Dedicated to cast iron. If you have a griswold skillet stamped erie, that means that griswold manufactured it between 1865 and 1909. Read the Griswold Skillets--Values vs. Prices?. Is this a good average price for a good, flat Griswold?. Want to stay up to date with this post? They griswold skillet sizes, Oh my gosh, we dont have dating your resources or time to bring someone up to speed, Morgan says. The addition of descriptive markings such as CAST IRON SKILLET and the appending of, PA, U.S.A. to the ERIE made the LBL markings more complex than on any other Griswold skillet, and perhaps the most attractive to collectors. Feb 4, 2015. I found a great deal on a set of Griswold skillets in very useable sizes (3,. Honestly, I dont know why (aside from dating the piece) these things. If you compare a fake Erie No. Griswold cast iron skillet dating abound when people collect anything of rarity and value. RAREST 14 GRISWOLD CAST IRON SKILLET W HEAT RING - I personally use iron skillets every day. They happen to be suitable for cooking just about.

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