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Drake and Rihanna are officially dating ENEWS Cant wait for them to break up. The albums afterwards are gonna be lit from Instagram tagged as Dating. Jul 2, 2016. After years of are-they-arent-they, Rihanna and Drake are officially dating again, sources confirmed to E! News on Friday. SEE ALSO Watch.

Aug 28, 2016. Rihanna, Rihanna And Drake, Rihanna Drake Dating, Who Is Rihanna Dating, Rihanna. (YouTube). An insider told E! News last month that. May 7, 2016. Every Turn Rihanna and Drakes Relationship Has Taken Since. Doin Lines column People thought I was dating Rihanna, and that was semi-true.. But then Drake opted for damage control, clarifying to MTV News,. A source told E! News a few days ago that Drake and Rihanna are indeed dating. News is reporting that True Soul Makes, For Real, Drake and Rihanna, are officially dating again! (As if anyone else could really have either of their hearts?!!? News Music Videos. Seems Rihanna and Drake are not just collaborators again. Sources are telling us that the old flames are secretly banging, oops I mean dating again.

Dec 7, 2016. E! News was the first publication to report their split in October.. Drake is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift and Rihanna is reportedly back. Rihanna and Drake Are Dating Again E! News has learned that the two stars are dating again, and that the feelings never faded on Drakes end. News, Ri Ri and Drake were spotted hanging out Friday night before the MTV VMAs at Sons of Essex. Rihanna was rumored to be dating rapper AAP Rocky but a source told Hollywood Life that the two were just friends. Feb 8, 2017. Drake and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly on the rocks, and now a shocking Feb.. Bad news for DrakeJLo fans!. also admits, adding that he and J.Lo havent been truly dating for a little while now.. More Entertainment. News, Grammy award-winning rapper, Drake and Barbados born popsinger, Rihanna are officially an item. Rihanna and Drake have had undeniable chemistry for some time now both in and out of the booth. Oct 11, 2016. The Complete History of Drake and Rihanna Toying With Our Hearts. When asked about whether or not she was dating Drake, she laughs it off as. According to E! News, the on-again-off-again couple started seeing other. Jul 1, 2016. According to E! News, rumor has it that hip-hops low-key perfect king and queen might be. Like, Drake might really be dating Rihanna again.

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Ah, Drake and Rihanna. Two people who prove that if you reach a certain level of fame, no one will know or care what your last name is. Yesterday, E News reported that the two are definitely a couple. Sep 1, 2016. As Rihanna sings to Drake on Too Good, I dont know how to talk to you, I just. Rihanna NEWS (RihannaTeamEU) September 1, 2016.

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